Etika Sdn Bhd
Location : Johor-Bahru
  • Full-time


Etika Group of Companies is a leading beverage company and one of few companies in the country to offer products in every beverage category. Our drinks include iconic brands that have become personal favourites not just in the home but when having a meal at a local food outlet. We have a wide distribution and sales network all over Malaysia. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and with sales offices and warehouses nationwide, we are sole distributors and manufacturers of Pepsi, Revive Isotonic, Tropicana, WONDA Coffee, Mountain Dew, Calpis, Goodday Milk, Dairy Champ and more.


1. Mengambilan, perkiraan baki dan reject stock paper carton.

2. Bertanggungjawab ke atas expire date mestilah terang, jelas dan betul.

3. Memastikan barang keluaran tidak bocor atas dan bawah cap.

4. Dye test kena dilakukan setiap size, 1000ml, 500ml, 300ml dan 200ml.

5. Bertanggungjawab ke atas kebersihan seluruh kilang.

6. Buat ujian 'squeeze test' untuk botol production.

7. Merekod Net Weigt untuk setiap saiz semasa production dijalankan.

8. Merekod CCP Logsheet No. 4



1. PMR dan ke atas

2. Kerja mengikut arahan ketua.

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